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When I discovered that Dr. Rebecca Verghese Paul has published her first book, ‘Una Bo, the Magic Tree of Love’, I was excited and couldn’t wait to read it.

Filgard the wizard passes through the land of Darae. He sits down to have his lunch of bread and cheese when a boy approaches him. Filgard calls him by his name, Podero, and asks him how he can help him. Podero is surprised that this stranger knows his name. They sit down together and talk. Podero tells the wizard that he has always dreamt of having sweets, because he has heard his parents raving about them, but unfortunately, since the war, sweets were impossible to find and to make. Filgard asks Podero what he would do if his dream comes true and he gets sweets now. Podero tells him that he would be excited and he would call his brothers and his friends and would share the sweets with them. The wizard closes his eyes and a blue glow envelops him. Suddenly a small plant sprouts out of the ground and before their very eyes it grows two leaves and then four and then many and before they can imagine it grows rapidly and becomes a big tree! And hanging from the tree are not fruits but all kinds of delicious sweets! Podero goes to his village and tells everyone about it. Everyone comes and looks at the tree in wonder. The wizard tells everyone that the tree offers beautiful sweets and treats to everyone who asks for it with love. The wizard also says that Podero will be the guardian of the tree from now on and he leaves and continues on his journey.

What happens at Darae after this magical tree arrives? Does the tree make people love each other more? Or do the gifts offered by the tree make the people greedy and jealous? Does the fame of the tree spread beyond the village to distant towns? Does it bring unwanted attention? What happens to Podero? Is he able to realize his dreams? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

Una Bo‘ is a beautiful love letter to sweets and a beautiful ode to the power of love. The book is beautifully written, exquisitely produced and gorgeously illustrated. The artwork by Ada Konewki is beautiful. The story ends with something equivalent of a cliffhanger and now I can’t wait to find out what happens in the second part. This is a great book to present to your younger ones at home and read to them aloud during storytelling sessions or at bedtime. The Kindle version of the book comes with a free audiobook which is beautifully narrated by the author and is a pleasure to listen to. I loved reading the book and listening to the audiobook.

Have you read ‘Una Bo, the Magic Tree of Love‘? What do you think about it?

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