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I discovered ‘The Dry‘ by Jane Harper through Kim’s post. I decided to read it for ‘Southern Cross Crime Month‘ hosted by Kim from ‘Reading Matters‘, which is an event which celebrates crime fiction and nonfiction from Australia and New Zealand.

It is a small town in Australia, in the middle of nowhere. It is hot and dry, there has been a drought for nearly two years, the river has dried, and things are going bad for the people there. As if this was not enough, one day, suddenly, three people are killed – a dad, a mom and their young son. All the three people have been shot dead. Initial appearances suggest that the dad shot dead his wife and son. Probably because their financial situation was bad. But initial appearances can be deceptive. Because they have a baby daughter too, who is miraculously alive. Why didn’t the dad shoot her? Or is there more to it than meets the eye? You have to read the story to find out.

The main mystery in ‘The Dry‘ is gripping and it makes us turn the page to find out what happens next. There is also an old mystery which resurfaces which is interesting too. The way Jane Harper brings alive the small town life in Australia, where everyone knows everyone and everything, where there are no secrets (or it is hard to keep a secret), where people live in the same house for generations, working in the farm or in the same professions, where one has to get along with people that one doesn’t like because you’re in there for the long haul – all these are realistically, beautifully depicted in the book. I felt that I was living in this town and meeting these characters, loving some of them, hating others. I loved this aspect of the book even more than the mystery.

The revelation is surprising and I didn’t see that coming. The second revelation is not that surprising, but I’m also not sure what exactly happened after that, because it felt unresolved. I can’t tell you more. Strictly no spoilers 😊

I enjoyed reading ‘The Dry‘. I’ll look forward to reading more books by Jane Harper. Australian crime fiction looks like a goldmine – the more we dig, the more treasures come out.

Have you read ‘The Dry‘? What do you think about it?

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