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I have been writing a lot about books for a while now, and in the process I have been neglecting another of my loves, music. So, I thought I will give music some time. The first thing I thought I will do is make a list of my favourite songs. So, I sat down, thought about it, heard some old CDs, which I haven’t heard in ages, and thought about how I felt when I first heard a particular song. Then I made a list of my favourites. Then I thought that I will post about the songs in this list 🙂

One small note on the word ‘favourite’. A favourite song doesn’t mean that it is critically acclaimed, it launched the singer’s / band’s career, it has won awards like the Grammys, it has been in the Billboard top 10 or some other list, it has made a lot of money, it has one of the highest hits in YouTube or it is played in the mall (though some of this might be true for a specific song). It also doesn’t mean that the song is an unknown classic and no one has heard this song and I am feeling very possessive towards it and am proud of helping the world discover it. It also doesn’t mean that the singer is a role model of mine and I admire his / her political views or way of life.

I use the word ‘favourite’ here to mean that I just liked a song when I first heard it and I had the time and the patience to listen to the song fully at that time and I was probably in the right mood and in the right receptive state of mind which helped me to discover the beautiful secrets hidden inside the song. 

Another note on my favourite songs – they may not necessarily be my favourites right now at this moment because our favourites keep changing every moment. But they are all songs which when I heard them first, created a deep impression on me. Some of them made me laugh, some of them made cry, some of them made me hum, some of them made me sing-along. One of my friends says that music can sometimes explain the world in a way that words cannot. Some of these songs did that to me.

These songs are not ranked in any particular order. They are just randomly listed. Most of them are songs sung in English, but I will throw in the occasional Indian or Chinese or Russian song or a song in another language. So, here is my first favourite 🙂

Song No.1 – Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson


I discovered this song by chance because it was part of the song compilation in one of my CDs. The thing which pulled me into the song was the melody and the guitar play – it is simple and melodious and pulls a string in one’s heart. I realized after hearing the song that the lyrics are beautiful too. This song is about a man who loves a woman, and waits for her to love him back. This song is classified under the genre folk rock / pop rock. If you know about genres, do tell me what is pop rock.

Have you heard this song before? What do you think about it?

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