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One of my favourite friends was visiting last week and I was very excited because I was meeting her after many years. Time flew by after she arrived and before we knew we were at the airport, saying goodbye. I didn’t want to go home after that as I felt it would be too depressing, and so to cheer myself up, I went to the bookshop instead. What is the point of going to the bookshop if we don’t buy a book? 😁 This one, ‘The Poet’s Dog’ by Patricia MacLachlan caught my eye first and I couldn’t resist getting it – who can resist a book about a poet and a dog? I have been reading it for the past two days and I just finished reading it.

The story told in ‘The Poet’s Dog’ goes like this. Teddy is a dog. He is the dog of a poet called Sylvan. As Teddy describes it –

“I’m a dog. I should tell you that right away. But I grew up with words. A poet named Sylvan found me at the shelter and took me home. He laid down a red rug for me by the fire, and I grew up to the clicking of his keyboard as he wrote. He wrote all day. And he read to me.”

At the time the story starts, there is a blizzard, and Teddy finds a boy and a girl outside, who seem to be lost. He helps them and gets them inside the house. We know about Sylvan at this point, but Sylvan doesn’t seem to be in the house. What happens after that – who are these two children? What happened to Sylvan? Do these three, the girl, the boy and the dog, survive the blizzard? – forms the rest of the story. I don’t want to say more, because I want you to read the story and experience the pleasure and joy it offers, for yourself.

The Poet’s Dog‘ is a beautiful book. It is about love, friendship, family, loss, grief, and finding love again. It is also about this beautiful furry bundle, which has a heart of gold, and which offers unconventional love, which we call a dog. Teddy is such a charming narrator and we see the whole story unfolding through Teddy’s eyes. I loved the characters, Flora (the girl), Nickel (the boy), Sylvan and Ellie (Sylvan’s student). The book had bigger-than-normal font with generous spacing between lines. Patricia MacLachlan’s storytelling style and dialogue were beautiful and spare and stylish and such a pleasure to read.

The Poet’s Dog‘ is just 88 pages long, and I loved it so much that I was sad when it ended. It is a beautiful, poignant book and one of my favourite reads of the year. If you have dog babies at home, you will love this book.

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