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I discovered ‘Night Train to Lisbon’ when I was browsing books in the new arrivals section of my favourite bookshop a few months back. The storyline on the book’s back cover and the picture on the front cover caught my attention and I couldn’t resist it. I have been reading it for the past few weeks and finished reading it today. Here is the review.
Summary of the story
I am giving below the summary of the story as given in the back cover of the book.
When, one afternoon, mild-mannered and middle-aged Classics scholar Raimund Gregorius walks out of his classroom while giving a lesson, his impulsiveness surprises him as much as it does his students. This break from his hitherto predictable routine is inspired by two chance encounters – the first with a mysterious Portuese woman, and the second with a book that he discovers in a dusty corner of an old bookshop, which contains the thoughts of an enigmatic Portuguese aristocrat. With the book as his talisman, Gregorius boards the night train to Lisbon on a journey to find out more about its author, Amadeu de Prado : who was the man whose words both haunt and compel him?
Hurtling through the dark, Night Train to Lisbon is a rich tale, wonderfully told, propelled by the mystery at its heart. (more…)

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