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My reading is going badly and I have been distracted, first reading one book and then another and then a third one. So, to break that cycle, I thought I should read a short book which I can complete in a short span of time. What better short book to read than a graphic novel? I got ‘No Sea, No Land‘ in this month’s comic subscription and I decided to read it.

The story told in ‘No Sea, No Land‘ goes like this. Five young people, two young men and three young women, are sailing somewhere on a boat. They get stuck in a storm, and their boat ends up on a huge piece of rock, in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of nowhere. There is a building and a lighthouse there. They enter the lighthouse and they find a strange looking man there. He looks like a cross between the mysterious butler of a castle that we encounter in horror stories and Mrs.Danvers from Daphne Du Maurier’sRebecca‘. Or maybe he looks like Count Dracula, when Jonathan Harker first encounters him. This man is not happy to see these five young people and asks them what they are doing there. Before long, another man joins them. He is bigger, with a paunch, but he speaks more nicely. He helps them get settled while listening to their story. Then bad things start happening. What else can we expect? There is a fierce storm blowing outside, five young people are trapped in a lighthouse in an island, with two shady characters for company. This is the recipe for bad things to start happening. There seems to be some dark secret behind the journey that these five friends take which involve a sixth person who is not there, and there seems to be some dark mystery in the lighthouse too. What happens after that and what revelations jump at us and shock us is revealed in the rest of the story.

I enjoyed reading ‘No Sea, No Land‘. The story was gripping and made me want to turn the page, till I reached the end. The revelation in the end was stunning and unexpected. The story looked like a cross between Agatha Christie’sAnd Then There Were None‘ and Donna Tartt’sThe Secret History‘. The artwork depicted the mood of the story very beautifully – it was atmospheric and very noir-ish.

If you like noir-ish, dark mysteries, you will love ‘No Sea, No Land‘. I liked it very much and can’t wait to read more by this storytelling team. The original of this book is in French and I read the Tamil translation. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an English translation. If you’d like to read the first few pages of the book (it is in French), you can find them here.

Just click on the picture of the cover a couple of times, and it will take you to the first pages of the book. Happy reading!

Have you read ‘No Sea, No Land‘? What do you think about it?

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