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I discovered ‘Science and Religion : A Very Short Introduction‘ sometime back, when I was browsing through the ‘Very Short Introduction’ (VSI) series in my favourite bookshop. Many years back OUP (Oxford University Press) decided to publish a series of short introductions to many different subjects, written by experts. The books in this series are small and ‘perfect to pop into your pocket for spare moments’ (as the blurb says). The writing style is not really academic and so the books in this series are really a pleasure to read. I have a few VSIs in my collection. This was the latest addition to my VSI collection. I finished reading it yesterday and here is the review.

Summary of the book

I am giving below the summary of the book as given in the inside flap.

In the debate between science and religion, emotions run high, fuelled by polemical bestsellers like The God Delusion and, at the other end of the spectrum, high-profile campaigns to teach ‘Intelligent Design’ in schools.

Yet there is much more to the debate than the clash of these extremes. As Thomas Dixon shows in this balanced and thought-provoking introduction, many have seen harmony rather than conflict between faith and science. Exploring the key philosophical questions that underlie the debate, as well as the social, political and ethical contexts, and offering perspectives from a range of religions and examples from across the sciences, this Very Short Introduction reveals what is really at stake in the debate between science and religion. (more…)

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