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One of my friends recommended ‘Amla Mater‘ by Devi Menon, and today, I finally got a chance to read it. ‘Amla Mater‘ is a graphic novel. In the first page we encounter Mili, who tells us that small things take us back to the past, to a different time and place. Before we know, a small piece of amla takes Mili and us back to the past, when she was a young girl in Kerala and was best friends with Maya. We read about the charming life that these two live in Kerala as children. On the way, we also get to know that Mili is pregnant now and is going to become a mother soon. As her pregnancy proceeds, Mili remembers more and more things about her past and we get to know what happened to her friendship with Maya, how she moved to a bigger city to go to work, the people she encountered there, the new friends she made, the new experiences she had, how she fell in love and what happened after that. At some point the past and the present intertwine and the story glides into the future.


I loved ‘Amla Mater‘. The story is charming and heartwarming, and the illustrations are done in a minimalistic style. Reading the book made me nostalgic, as it made me relive the similar kind of experiences I went through. I don’t know whether the book is based on the author’s own experiences, but it looked very real and memoir-ish, and it reminded me a lot of Marjane Satrapi’sPersepolis‘ and Lucy Knisley’sRelish‘. There was a surprise in the end which brought tears to my eyes – happy tears, of course. I also loved the way the book meditates on time and memory and the homage it pays to Marcel Proust and that famous madeleine scene.

If you like realistic graphic novels on contemporary themes, you can try this.

Have you read ‘Amla Mater‘ by Devi Menon? What do you think about it? Do you like graphic novels? Which are your favourites?

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