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I was looking for a book to read during Christmas Eve and I thought I’ll read a Christmas-y book. ‘Let it Snow‘ leapt at me. I have had it for years – after I read John Green’sThe Fault in Our Stars‘, I went and got every book that had John Green’s name on it. But I hadn’t read it yet, and now I felt that the time has arrived.

Let it Snow‘ is subtitled ‘Three Holiday Romances‘. It has three romances set during Christmas-time. The three romances can be read as three different stories, but they all happen in and around the same town. They are all interlinked though, and a minor character or a character who is just inside the edges of the frame in one story is the main character or the narrator in the other. I won’t tell you more about the stories. You should read the book to find out more.

I don’t read much YA literature now. There was a time I went through a YA phase, when I read a lot of YA books. I used to ask friends for recommendations and discover new YA writers. But then that phase passed and I didn’t read as many YA books as before. These days I just read books by two of my friends who are YA writers. One of them publishes a new book every two years. Her previous book came out last year. Her new book is coming out soon. I am looking forward to that. My second YA writer friend last published a book six years back. I don’t know when her next book is coming out. I occasionally read a YA book that someone highly recommends. That is how I discovered the wonderful Tschick‘ by Wolfgang Herrndorf, this year. But otherwise, I don’t read YA much.

Let it Snow‘ made me remember why we all love YA books so much. Especially, the first story in the book, ‘The Jubilee Express‘ by Maureen Johnson. The prose in that story is cool and stylish and makes us smile. There is not a single dull sentence. There is no unnecessary word. The narrator is a cool and nerdy girl with an interesting sense of humour and we are totally in her team. That story was wonderful and exceptional and I didn’t want it to end. After reading that story, I wondered why I haven’t heard of Maureen Johnson before, why I haven’t read her stories before, why she is not as famous as John Green or Rainbow Rowell. Because she is good, really good. I want to read more stories by her. The second story in the book is by John Green and we expect that, because he is a celebrity YA writer, he will raise the book to greater heights. But the book suffers a huge, unexpected, sophomore slump there and we keep wondering, “Is this really a John Green story?” That story has its nice parts, but still…In the third story, Lauren Myracle tries to salvage the book and bring back its earlier glory and succeeds partially.

But on the whole, the book succeeds admirably. It has three Christmas romances and they all have wonderful, engaging stories, and beautiful, satisfying endings, and they provided lots of delight to this particular reader, during this holiday season. I loved it. It is a great book to read in winter, in front of a crackling fire, with your dog sitting nestled against you gazing at the fire in wonder, or your cat sitting on your lap purring in her sleep, and you thinking about your great love and smiling to yourself.

Have you read ‘Let it Snow‘? What do you think about it?

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