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I discovered ‘Princeless‘ through my friend Bina from WOC Reads, who has been recommending it for years. I finally got a chance to read it today.


The first scene in the story depicts a fairytale, like Rapunzel. A princess with golden hair is imprisoned in a tower, which is guarded by a dragon. One day a brave prince arrives, fights with the dragon and kills it, and saves the princess. The prince and the princess get married and live happily ever after. We have read many fairytales like this. In the next scene, we discover that the princess of our story, Adrienne, is reading this popular fairytale. She calls it hogwash and finds a lot of plot holes in it. Adrienne, contrary to the popular image of a princess, is dark haired and dark skinned. But, unfortunately, when she turns sixteen, the exact same fate befalls her – her parents put her in a tower and put a dragon outside to guard her. When a prince comes in search of her, the dragon eats him. The princess is frustrated with this clich├ęd fairytale life. Then one day, she finds something interesting under her bed. By that time, she and the dragon are friends. And then instead of sitting in the tower waiting for a prince charming, she and the dragon decide to do something. What follows is a cool, stylish, rip-roaring adventure, the likes of which we have never seen.

I loved ‘Princeless‘. It takes the traditional fairytale, turns it upside down, and creates something new and beautiful and charming. If you are tired of traditional fairytales in which the princess is saved by the prince, and have wanted to read a new type of fairytale, in which the princess take charge and does her own thing, this is that book. It is contemporary, modern, empowering and stylish. Get it today and read it. And gift it to your daughter. And your son.

Have you read ‘Princeless‘? What do you think about it?

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