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I got ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales‘ by Dylan Thomas from one of my favourite friends as a Christmas present. If you don’t know Dylan Thomas, he was the poet who wrote that powerful poem, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night‘.


In this book, Dylan Thomas describes a typical Christmas that his family celebrated during his childhood in Wales – he describes how all Christmases merged into one another and were very similar, how his whole family and uncles and aunts and cousins all came together and celebrated, how in one year a neighbour’s house caught fire which led to a lot of excitement, how they waited for the postman to deliver packages which contained presents and how excited they were to open them, how it snowed outside and everything was white and they made snowballs and threw them at their cats, how Dylan Thomas blew up balloons till they burst and woke up uncles who were taking their afternoon nap, how in the evening there was always music and the uncles played the fiddle while the aunts sang – this and many other anecdotes and stories are shared by the author. The whole book is structured like a conversation between a grown-up Dylan Thomas and a boy and Thomas tells the boy how the Christmas during his childhood was different, was better. One of my favourite characters in the book was Aunt Hannah, who has a soft corner for wine and who loves singing. The book is beautiful, charming, nostalgic and is filled with descriptions and images that only a child’s mind can paint – beautiful scenes which we imagine naturally when we are children and which we forget how to, when we grow up. The book is also filled with beautiful illustrations on every page. I loved ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales‘. It is a beautiful book to read on Christmas day.

Have you read ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales‘? What do you think about it? What book did you read today, on Christmas day?

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