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One of my favourite YA writers, Tabitha Suzuma, is hosting a Spine Poetry Competition on Facebook. I thought it will be fun to participate. To participate we have to compose a poem using book spines of the books we have and post a picture of the books together. I totally enjoyed composing my ‘poem’. As it is German Literature Month, I thought initially that I will compose the poem using only German books, but after a while the story-poem took a life of its own and I had to get a little help from friends 🙂 Here is my story-poem.

A Little History of the World : A Love Story

Spine Poetry

A Little History of the World

Promise at Dawn

Three Paths to the Lake

Nowhere Ending Sky

The Taste of Apple Seeds

The Grass is Singing

The Woman Before Me

The Piano Teacher


The Awakening

First Love

Everything Beautiful Began After

Time Was Soft There

The Food of Love

The Language of Flowers

Dance Dance Dance


A Note of Madness

The Fault in Our Stars

Lost Illusions

Little Man, What Now?

Perlmann’s Silence


If you decide to participate, I would love to read / see your poem 🙂


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