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When I discovered a few days back that Sara Naveed’s new book ‘The Cold Heart‘ was coming out, I was very excited. Sara Naveed mostly writes romance fiction, but each of her books focuses on a particular topic, which make her books fascinating. I’ve read most of Sara Naveed’s books and so was looking forward to reading this one.

Zaira is a student at the university. She is studying literature and is hoping to become a writer after finishing her course. Zaira doesn’t have any family. Both her parents have passed. Zaira has an elder sister Zoha, but they are estranged and they haven’t spoken for years. One day Zaira gets a message from her sister asking her if they could meet. After some reluctance, Zaira agrees. This chance message  leads to one thing after another, as Zaira is hurled into a succession of events in which she doesn’t have any control, and before long someone is dead and the needle of suspicion points to different people she cares about, and the pages of the story zip by rapidly as we try to find out what happened during that fateful night.

The Cold Heart‘ is very different from other Sara Naveed books. It has romance, of course, which Sara Naveed fans expect and look forward to. But it is a thriller, and it is a dark thriller. There is a sharp edge to it and as the events of the story unfurl, it is hard to tell who is a good person and who is bad, and sometimes we seem to see or maybe imagine some hazy clues below the surface and even suspect the narrator. I can’t tell you anything about the plot though and what happens in it. You have to read the book and enjoy its pleasures yourself.

I enjoyed reading ‘The Cold Heart’ and I read it in one breath. It is fast-paced and gripping, and the pages turn rapidly with a life of their own as we zip through to the end to discover the mystery.

Have you read ‘The Cold Heart’ or other Sara Naveed books? Which one is your favourite?


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