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Berlin : City of Smoke (Book Two) by Jason Lutes
After I finished ‘Book One’ of the ‘Berlin’ series, I started reading ‘Book Two’‘Berlin : City of Smoke’. It was nice to start reading the second part soon and not wait for it to come out in the future – though there is pleasure and expectation in waiting too. (I will experience the pleasure, expectation and anticipation now, while waiting for ‘Book Three’ 🙂 The proposed title for ‘Book Three’ is ‘Berlin : City of Light’). I finished reading ‘Book Two’ recently. Here is the review. (more…)


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I was watching the Presidential inauguration of Obama on Tuesday night (Indian time) last week. It was the first time I have watched an American Presidential inauguration live on TV. It was good to see the familiar faces of past American Presidents as they walked in as guests. Though there were many interesting things about the inauguration – the momentous occasion, the invitee list, the way the chairperson of ceremonies conducted it, Obama’s eloquent speech, the songs and the poetry recitals – for me the most fascinating and poignant thing about the ceremony was the smooth transfer of power which happened. (more…)

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On the Lord’s prayer

An interesting thing which came to my mind during the recent American President inauguration ceremony was the Lord’s Prayer which was said. I remembered it from my school days, because I studied in a Christian school, but have rarely heard it said in public. But I seemed to remember a couple of lines differently (more…)

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How I discovered the book
My friend, who introduced me to graphic novels, sent me the link to a webpage in the Time magazine, which had the list of the alltime best graphic novels as recommended by the magazine. I had heard of some of the names on the list before (‘Bone’, ‘Watchmen’) but there were others which I hadn’t heard about. The one at the top of the list was ‘Berlin : City of Stones’. (more…)

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My first blog posting

Welcome to my blog.

I have been thinking of putting some of my thoughts and essays and book reviews in a blog. Because of the procrastinating devil I am, it has taken me quite a bit of time to do it. Finally today, all the stars got aligned and I have managed to get things going and here is my first posting 🙂

In my blog, you will find book reviews, my thoughts on different topics and other interesting stuff. Hope you enjoy reading it.

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